and c is for…

Crochet Along. I have signed up to a Crochet Along (CAL) to refresh my decades old crochet skills with a project that will keep me motivated and on some kind of schedule.   My previous experience is limited to a few granny squares and a doily, so with the help of a huge online support group, I’m hoping to learn lots of new stitches and make a useful blanket at the same time.

Choosing the CAL to follow was easy. I was alerted to the impending launch of the Scheepjes ‘Last Dance on the Beach’ CAL by a regular marketing email from yarn supplier Deramores, but I was drawn in by the story of the designer, Marinke Slump (aka Wink) from A Creative Being who sadly passed away while working on the CAL design. Her work was completed by friends and colleagues and the CAL was launched in her memory and in support of the mental health charity MIND.

I have made a gauge square as instructed. It only took three attempts and it’s not too bad size wise but a bit uneven. Clearly I’ll need to pay more attention to the stitches and the tension, especially when the patterns get more complicated. I can’t get the hang of holding the yarn the traditional crochet way so am working it like knitting at the moment with the hook and yarn in the same hand. I hope this doesn’t cause problems with later block designs. So many things to think about.

The first week’s block pattern launched yesterday and has bobbles, officially called popcorn stitch, crikey!! I’ll definitely be tuning in to the video education channel for that one.   It’s already a bit daunting and I’m supposed to make four of them by next Wednesday. Still, that is the point of crocheting-a-long so I’d better get started, the errands and laundry will just have to wait.