b is for…

dog print box inital b

Baxter’s Bucket – a handy little storage cube to hold the cute one’s grooming stuff.  He has several tools and possibly more hair products than I do, and they all need to be available at a moment’s notice to grab a grooming opportunity. It’s modelled after Debbie Shore’s Treat Tub with the addition of a few internal pockets – a recurring theme for my customisations – for handy treats to enhance the grooming experience.

Dog print box initial b

The dog print fabric (Pooch Parade from Doughty’s) is brilliant because the small pattern is easy to match up but the gingham, which I thought would be easiest to line up, was actually more challenging to keep square and more obvious when I didn’t get it right.   As I wanted to fold the sides of the box in to make it easy to carry I just used fused fleece to line them, but I did put a piece of plastic mesh bag base material into the bottom to make it a bit more sturdy.


With the leftover fabric I planned to make a bandana to attach to B’s collar but TOH says no way is he going walkies with the dog wearing a bright turquoise and red scarf.  He is definitely more scruffy mutt than elegant show dog, and the dog isn’t one for fancy trappings either, so I get his point. Not to be beaten by their lack of fashion sense, I made this one instead.   Dog print bandana

The Patch Dog Montage fabric from Makower is much more subtle, don’t you think? I have a selection of co-coordinating fat quarters from The Cotton Patch, so don’t let on, but there might be more outfits on the way!