It’s a Beading Marathon

Purple Zig Zag Bracelet

I’m always inspired by the impressive jewellery that designers create using simple seed and other small beads.  I’ve made several straightforward designs such as the bracelets below using a mix of  seed beads and Czech SuperDuo® beads.

Irridescent bracelets

Bead wrap bracelets

These give lovely end results without being too complicated and I have tried many variations.






I am especially intrigued by the spiral type patterns where using different sizes of beads pulls an otherwise flat or cylindrical pattern into a spiral shape and I decided to give this a go.
Investigating the Cellini Spiral pattern I found this zig zag bracelet pattern where the spiral is repeatedly reversed and I like the effect that this creates.

Zig Zag Bracelet Work in Progress
Zig Zag Bracelet Work in Progress

I based my bracelet on a pattern by Beata Gadomska from the Beads Direct project pages because it had good step by step instructions but I did search out some additional video instruction to get the hang of the design and I also altered the clasp.   After a couple of practice runs to test my understanding and check my tension, I was soon on a roll.


As expected, the projects take longer and require more attention than the bracelets I made previously  – more of a marathon than a sprint – but the results are worth it.


Some makers suggest that these spiral patterns should be made in a series of short sessions as they are quite repetitive but I preferred fewer longer sessions to get into the groove and avoid losing track when I put it away and picked it up again.

I’ve really enjoyed making these pretty bracelets from such simple ingredients.  Seed beads are available in so many colours that the style options are endless.  I’m sure I’ll be making more of these.