January is already done..

Rainbow Yarn

Yes, one twelfth of the crafty year is over and what have I achieved apart from hibernating under the blankets I made last year?

One crochet project I have started is my 2017 temperature blanket inspired by the active discussion on the Pippin Crochet Club Facebook page and motivated by the fact that it is actually meant to start on January 1st.

The idea is to craft a daily square or row of a blanket using a yarn colour defined by the temperature. There’s lots of scope to go your own way with this – do a row or square for very day, perhaps a row for each week if you want a smaller project, or (my plan for the next one) crochet squares made up of seven daily rounds each, then join the 52 weekly squares together. Whichever design you go with, at the end of the year you’ll have a colourful record of the temperature variations all in a handy blanket, ready for next January’s hibernation!
Of course, temperature blankets can start on any date and some people create them for a special year, such as baby’s first year, but January 1st running through to December 31st is a logical choice if you don’t have a special life event to record.

For my blanket, I’m using the highest temperature for each day to select the colour and doing a simple linen stitch as it isn’t too tall and will keep my blanket to a manageable length.
I wait until the end of the week and then crochet seven rows to keep on track. So far, so good.
Crochet blanket










I am also being very virtuous and using up yarn stash left over from the Last Dance on the Beach CAL that I did last year, choosing eight colours to cover the temperature range.  I’ve gone with a rainbow of colours as this is what I have  but the colours don’t necessarily have to run from ‘cool’ to ‘hot, I’ve seen some lovely blankets using gentler, toning colours.

Rainbow yarn









January saw day high temperatures varying from 1 to 11 degrees so I already have three colours in my blanket and I like that fact that I just use the colour that the temperature gives me, no other decision is needed.

For February’s forecast I definitely need to get more grey and it might be a while before I get out of the blues, but I’m really hoping that Summer 2017 needs lots and lots of orange and red yarn and I don’t find myself spending July in England wrapped in a half finished woolly blanket.