Spring Cleaning Time

Craft Pen Rack

The sun has been shining for three whole days and the daffodils are out so it must be Spring.
Time, then to get a bit of spring cleaning done in the craft room, take stock and reorganise for the new season.

Craft ink rackTypically, I have started by adding items instead of removing anything but it’s all allowed because it is ‘storage’.  I made up, painted and papered these handy units using kits from Stamps Away.  They make a variety of storage items aimed at crafters, like these pen and ink pad racks, as well as more general storage and home décor pieces.
The storage comes in pre-cut MDF pieces ready to assemble and decorate using whatever material, colour and technique you like.  So far I have used chalk paint and some Basic Grey papers that have been in my stash for ages and turned out to be perfect for this.  There’s definitely room to embellish more once I decide what to do next.   If I need inspiration, there’s an Ali Reeve DVD that explains different decorating techniques that I can try, or I can turn to some of my other favourite crafters for ideas.

Craft storageSo, how did it go?

The instructions for the kits are clear with words and photos going through step by step and the slot/tab method gives a neat and sturdy finish.  They did say “assemble first and then decorate” but I wanted to paint the inside and didn’t fancy spending hours poking a tiny brush through a small gap so I did a mix of assemble a bit, paint a bit, assemble a bit more, and so on.  The important rule is to make sure that you don’t paint over the tabs and slots that plug the pieces together because when the MDF swells with the paint you will need a rubber mallet to ‘encourage’ closure, or worse, discover that your pieces no longer fit together nicely.  The slot/tab connections leave small gaps that can be filled with normal DIY filler if you are painting and want a smooth finish.  I found that the Basic Grey paper was sturdy enough that I could glue it over the gaps without filling them first.


I’m delighted to have some pretty, functional storage in my room now and best of all, with more storage space I won’t have to throw as much away.