Weather is more fun in brightly coloured yarn

Temperature Blanket

Just over half way though the year means I’m half way though my crochet temperature blanket.   I can’t resist looking up the temperature every day even if I am not ready to crochet it yet!  Looking back on the colours I see how the weather changes through the year, sometimes gets stuck in a rut and occasionally gives us a big surprise.  The weather never got that much attention before I started to crochet with it.

Back in May it seemed that I was destined to have a blue and grey blanket with just one orange stripe caused by a freaky Sunday in early April when the temperature hit 24 Celsius.  It dropped back to 13 the very next day and I was back to blue.  Now things are looking a lot brighter – I’ve even used some of the dark red yarn reserved for temperatures over 27 degrees and I had to buy extra orange yarn for June.  August looks like it will settle into the yellow zone and nobody’s forecasting any heatwave activity but hey, we did get to 33 degrees in June and we are talking about an English summer.